DVD van KISS Expo Holland with Eric Singer

De DVD van KISS Expo Holland with Eric Singer komt uit.
Lees de site van www.KISSontherocks.com voor meer informatie hieromtrent.

André heeft samen met Jolanda van der Heiden op 27 november 2011 de hele dag zoveel mogelijk van het gebeuren op film vastgelegd. Drie maandjes later verschijnt het in een prima montage op DVD.

Op de site van KISS on the Rocks staat:

KISS Expo DVD coming soon!
We just had a look at a rough draft of the DVD,
that is being developed for the highly successful,
KISS expo with Eric Singer, on November 27th 2011.
It is shaping up to become a great production.
You will be able to get a behind the scenes view on setting up the expo,
the dealers, all the fans, Eric Singer’s Q&A and,
KISS on the RockS performance in the evening.
Included is also some great behind the scenes and backstage footage,
of Eric Singer and KISS on the RockS.
We shared our hospitality room with Eric,
and having Eric come in and provide tips and tricks,
on make-up still remains one of our best recollections of the day.

All has now been documented in a 90 minute feature film.
It will soon be released on DVD,
and will be available for sale on

Stay tuned for more details!